Drag an item to the Furby to see it die.

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All gifs created from youtube videos.

die furby by jackassis007
die furby by onexero1
Die Furby Die! by BCHAPPYTREES
Death of Furby by Iscboarder
DEATH of FURBY! by DaPug
Furby Destruction by battlebots16
Burning Furby by LordFoncar
Burning Furby by David Bruington
Burning Furby: Epic Pwnage!! by daretobestupidshow
Is it a good idea to burn... A furby by smashysmashy291
MC Furby Fireworks by markactionman
BLOWING UP FURBY! by SlaveZero1234
Furby getting Blown... UP by Z134316
Furby getting Blown... UP 2 by Z134316
The Furby Project- Death by Drill by Nate Goldman
Fun with a BB Gun and a Toy Furby by DruggedSheep